All Occasion Personalized House Flags

All Occasion Personalized House Flags
Why be boring? Express your passion with a mzooka personalized house flag and be the envy of your neighborhood. (The neighbors won't be this jealous since you splurged on those fluorescent flamingos). Choose from any of the Duke of mZooka's stock design and insert your personalization for a one-of-a-kind flag that will rock the block and do good for the hood. And when a necktie just won't cut it, give a mZooka so that your friends won't have to fake a smile when they open their gift.

From birthdays, to sports, to graduation, we have a mZooka for every reasonable and semi-unreasonable passion and occasion. mZookas can also be displayed indoors and make excellent wall art in your rec room or downstairs bar.
    Other stuff we want you to know:

    • DIMENSIONS: 30" by 42" approx.
    • MATERIAL: 100% genuine polyester (150D) as certified by the Duke of mZooka. Doulbe stiching on all sides. Flas with grommets have canvas headers.
    • STOCK DESIGNS: Choose from any of our stock designs as shown. There are no set-up charges when using our stock designs.
    • MINIMUMS: 1 - we don't like minimums.
    • HEADERS: Choose pole sleeves (most common) grommet header flag.
    • ACCESSORIES: Poles and mounting brackets are not included, but are offered below the flag choices.