About Our Gifts


  • BRASS pieces are all lacquered for easy care - no tarnishing

  • OUR NOTES are made from premium card stocks from Neenah, Strathmore, and other fine paper brands.
    all contain at least 20% recycled materials

  • Our FOILS are completely biodegradable.

  • Our inks are petroleum-free. They are either organically labratory grown or soy based.

  • ENGRAVED GLASS - handcrafted from the finest crystal, much of it imported from Europe.
    Engraving is hand-etched (sand blasting) - NO laser engraving

    We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our products and services - call 570-868-8880
    e-mail: info@foilgraphicsgifts.com
    or "why not write us a note"!